Even if you have a significant engagement for a task or activity if your Energetic Profile is not predominately anabolic, it is unlikely you will have the energy and commitment to complete the work. Moreover, if you do complete it, the force you exert in performing it will eventually take a toll on you and those around you.

There is a meaning to what you do. What that meaning is, how you use it and more importantly, how you let it affect you, is the discovery we all want to make in our lives. The development you are seeking is linked to a lifetime of limiting beliefs, interpretations, and assumptions. This is the crap we carry around in that bag called “ME” every day.

Leadership & Life development for yourself and the management of the talent around you is the foundation for your personal growth. However, getting to your individual self-discovery can be a journey fraught with self-doubt, negativity and unnecessary anxiety.

Using iPEC’s Energy Leadership framework, I help you overcome draining limiting beliefs and understand your true intentions as it pertains to who I am and thus whom I want to be.

Together, we will use reflection, assessment, planning and action to take you from where you are now to where you want/need to be tomorrow and every day after. My goal is to equip you to identify the opportunity and meaning present in each challenge you face and embrace the abundance that comes with it.

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