What is Leadership and Life Coaching?

The comprehensive yet tactical approach which Perpetual Compass Coaching presents is one that focuses on you. This method works from a design that asks you what your intentions are and why. Once that discovery is made you can start to create a plan based on your agenda to move beyond your assumed place in this world. In turn, you move from a fixation on challenges in your life to a focal point of opportunity. When you can stop holding yourself back from what you want, it brings clarity to what steps to take next, and you can advance to a place of certainty instead of doubt.

untitled-design-46Work directly with Jeff to examine what’s holding you back, by the discovery of what is it that makes you think, speak and act like someone, you do not know or know all too well. This personal agenda based coaching will help you discover the road that led you to now and find the path to move you forward.
copy-of-blog-title-untitled-designComing into your workplace, Jeff will work with your team(s) to build the connection and cohesion necessary to create an opportunity for any challenge. A collaborative workplace is a damn good place to be. We can find success through coaching and distinct personal and 360 assessments that can bring about successes that everyone can be proud of.

Looking for someone to motivate your current and future leaders? Jeff is available for speaking engagements, panels, and other business and growth events.


untitled-design-44Jeff can provide workshops on topics varying from how to become a better leader through learning how to coach your teams through their challenges, to understanding how your personal energy levels resonate whom you are at any given moment or situation.


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